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Hello to all YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram content creators,
We are Optimum Solution Group, LLC dba and aka OS Hair. We are the makers and distributors of the U.S. Patented antibacterial fiber braiding hair, Spetra Braid and the proprietary formulated EZ Edges, a complete line of edge control products that utilizes A.I (Artificial Intelligence) to create the best products in the market at the best possible price. There are numerous amounts of rave review of our EZ Edges collection online.
We want to thank you for your interest in our products and your willingness to become an ambassador for our company.
There are some minimum criteria that must be met to receive our samples.
1. Must be an active social media poster, with a minimum of 1 post per week
2. Must have an active following of at least 1000
3. Have used edge control products in previous reviews or postings
4. And/or be a braiding expert or in the business of braiding hair and receive compensation for such services
5. Have not received any samples in the past from our company
6. Agree to the terms and conditions and to actively review and post social media content on your preferred platform after receiving sample products from our company
Please make your choices below and we will promptly send out the samples as requested.
We would like to help you produce more content and we believe it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. We would like to use your social platform to further advance our product awareness to your audience and if and when new products are launched we would like you to have the first opportunity to review and use these products in the near future.
We look forward to a continual relationship and we hope you enjoy our small token of appreciation.
OS Hair / Social Media Team

What color hair do you want?

Address : 4070 Buford Hwy Suite #2 -#4  Duluth, GA 30096
TEL : 770-622-4416       FAX :770-622-4419
Email : ohyesmarketing@gmail.com